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Randy is a Seattle based multi-instrumentalist composer/singer/songwriter. He plays keyboards, guitar, bass, mandolin, viol, zither and sings. Just a few influences: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Paco De Lucia, Ali Akbar Khan, Ravi Shankar, Bob Marley, Ralph & Carter Stanley, Bill Monroe, JS Bach, Dominico Scarlatti, Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, BB King, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon.

NOTES: If you want CD quality music, contact using the email address at the bottom of this page. Right click 'play' and select 'save link as' to download any tune. View the webpage source for additional information and insight.

Solo Keyboard Music (MP3 format 128kbps) (c)2021 by Randel Shapiro
- The Threes (play)
- Avis (play)
- Lily & Lamb (play)
- Telltale Heart (play)
- Circus Mind (play)
- Circus Mind (Slight Return) (play)
- Rainforest (play)
- Rainforest 2 (play)
- Ten Chimes at Night (play)
- Wood Waltz (play)
- Cold Russian (play)
- French Alley (play)
- Dolphin Returning (play)
- Ciaccona (play)
- Music For Butoh Dance LIVE 3/26/22 (play)
- Hyde St. Piano (1970 something) (play)

Solo Keyboard Music (MP3 format 32kbps) (c)2021 by Randel Shapiro
- Brooke's Tune (play)
- Aimless (play)
- Intermodal (play)
- Repose (play)
- Sarah (play)
- Shifting Sands (play)
- SIB (play)
- Deja Eu Ça (play)
- End As Beginning (play)
- Fanfare (play)
- Lefty From Orkney (play)
- High Clock (play)
- Memories (play)
- Sleepytime Tea (play)
- Kinda Soft (play)
- Birth (play)
- The End (play)

Guitar Music (MP3 format 128kbps) (c)2021 by Randel Shapiro
- Toca de Nada (play)
- Toca de Nieve (play)

Instrumental Band Music (MP3 format 32kbps) (c)2021 by Randel Shapiro and Kirk McNaught
- Galilee Harbor (play)
- Kiyomi in Lagunitas (play)
- Pow Wow (play)
- Driftwood (play)
- Mystery Space (play)
- Soul Drifting (play)
- Buoyancy In Jazz (play)

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